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C. Daniel ("Dan") Barrett

Client Perspectives - In-depth

Doug McNay

Corporate Human Resources Director

Cormetech, Inc.

“Cormetech, Inc. has depended upon Dan Barrett for labor and employment law counsel for a number of years.  Dan has helped us with many employment relations issues including workers compensation retaliation claims, discrimination charges, non-compete/nondisclosure agreements and threats of workplace violence.

Dan brings a high level of professionalism and technical competence in his counsel with our organization.  He is an excellent listener, who will ask many questions to develop a solid understanding of the situation in question. Dan is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and operates with a high level of integrity and ethics.  We have the option to choose any employment law firm with which to work, some of which are much larger than the Barrett Law Firm.  We value Dan's personable approach and technical knowledge in guiding us through the complex employment issues of today's workplace."


Kimberly Russell

Director, Human Resources

Fairchild Industrial Products Company

“Dan Barrett has been the lead employment and labor law attorney for Fairchild Industrial Products Company since 1987.  Dan’s knowledge and insight have been invaluable over the years and has greatly contributed to successful resolution of nine successful labor negotiations, several downsizing events, numerous arbitrations, grievance settlements, and EEOC charges, as well as assisting with company sale events, non-competition agreements, and acquisition opportunities. 

Dan is not just our Company attorney.  Dan is a valued member of our Team and is familiar with and understands our people and the culture of our Company.  We know we can call on Dan any time of the day or night to assist and advise us on what are frequently very sensitive subjects.  His advice is always sound and carefully planned which ultimately benefits management’s decision process.  I have personally worked with Dan for over 25 years and his integrity is without question. 

I absolutely would recommend and have recommended Dan to other companies in need of strong employment and labor law support.”


Elena Azzarita

Director of Human Resources and Administration

Richelieu Hosiery USA Inc.


“Dan served as an invaluable resource to our company over many years.   His practical and down-to-earth approach assisted us in addressing employment issues that involved employees at every spectrum within the organization.  Understanding both the legal and business perspective on such matters, many of which were very complex in nature, he was able to provide guidance that enabled us to resolve 100% of our issues to the company’s benefit while avoiding litigation.  Many such issues arose in the most impractical times, including holidays, weekends, night shifts, etc.  Dan made himself available based on our needs, regardless of the timing/circumstances. 

Over the years, Dan worked with us in areas ranging from discrimination to harassment to downsizing, as well as more standard compliance/contractual assistance with FMLA, training, ADA, policies, severance agreements and employment contracts.  A consummate professional, he gains a thorough understanding of each situation, and then works with management to design a resolution strategy that makes both legal sense and business sense. Regardless of the matter at hand, Dan spends the appropriate amount of time to assure that issues are resolved.  Dan operates with the highest level of trust and integrity, while at the same time being conscientious regarding company finances. 

I would strongly recommend Dan’s expertise in employment law to any company seeking legal counsel to represent its best interest managing human resources functions.”    



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